Our Services

We provide our clients with customized solutions that augments operational efficiency and overall bottom-line. We serve you with a buffet of practical logistics and supply chain models, giving you full visibility of operational activities.

Location Analysis

We provide location analysis for your business through seamless integrating of location data and mapping technologies, to help our clients locate and trace customers, retailers as well as suppliers and all other activities along their supply chain.


Using our GIS tools, we map out suppliers, distributors, 3PLs, warehouses, retailers and customers. Our visualize maps can be manipulated to reflect various case scenarios for better forecasting and risk mitigation at the strategic level.

Vehicle Tracking

Our mobile vehicle tracking devices helps you to manage your fleet efficiently. Track the location of goods in transit and monitor fuel usage remotely. Receive incident alerts intermittently till vehicles get to their final destination.

Asset Management

With our GIS mapping applications, Maptech Logistics provides an effective asset management solution which aggregates relevant usage data into maps to enable organizations determine life cycle and cost of ownership. This gives our clients complete inventory audit without the need for physical or manual checking.

GIS App Development

We design, build and deploy bespoke location-based applications that meet your specific needs. We have the requisite technical capacity to integrate seamlessly into your existing ERP or DSS.

Route Optimization

With our GIS maps, we provide route optimization data to enhance and improve operational efficiency through better route scheduling.

About us

MapTech Logistics Limited is a technology company, incorporated in Ghana, with focus on developing Geographic Information Systems (GIS) based applications to solve business problems relating to logistics and supply chain management.

The company provides mapping services for geospatial analysis. We do this by populating spatial data, and/or using existing organizational data to generate GIS maps for strategic and tactical decision making. At MapTech, we work closely with both public and private sector-led businesses and organizations to deliver a full spectrum of bespoke applications and services within the arena of Logistics and Supply Chain Management. We help you get innovation-driven software applications that augment operational efficiency, giving you full visualization of on-the-ground activities using map-based visualization technologies.



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Logistics Management


The Team

An army of deer led by a lion is more to be feared by an army of lions led by a deer.

Prince Boadu

CEO & Co-Founder

Execution is the bedrock of innovation.

Stylish Amankwah

GIS Analyst & Co-Founder

Location Intelligence is to business what territorial intelligence is to an army.

Yaa Boateng

Marketing Manager

In business the customer is king.

Intelligent Marketing

A more accurate visibility of customer sales patterns
accross varied geographic areas

Intelligent Marketing

Digital Marketing

A module for Target Marketing, promoting new products & offers via SMS/email and to improve Customer relationship management (CRM).

Revenue Colletion

Trace debtors by location and automatically/manually send reminders to your debtor via SMS, email or voice.

Location Intelligence

Provide intelligence for Geospatial analysis of customers, site selection for a new store and werehouse, viewing customer distribution pattern and for routing and logistics.

Business Intelligence

Obtain a Comprehensive data interpretation and perform historical, current and predictive analyses

Maps for analysis

View statistical data geospatially here.

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